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". Madam President, this Parliament and in particular my group, the PPE-DE, will vote for this agreement today with a large majority, because we ultimately achieved a good interim result. It is, however, only an interim result; as both Vice-President Barrot and our rapporteur, Mr El Khadraoui, have said, we still have important questions to resolve in connection with the Open Skies Agreement: issues such as cabotage, the right of establishment, ownership, State aid and various other matters as well. Apart from the fact that we have managed to produce a reasonably good interim result, the agreement reveals a number of weaknesses in our system. These, too, have already been pointed out. For the future, we must make efforts to ensure that our Parliament – like our counterparts in the US Congress who, one could argue, have arrogated various rights to themselves over recent centuries – has more opportunities to exert influence on the substance of this agreement. This time, we have managed to make progress, to some extent, by tricking the system – by intervening before the Council spoke out – but in the long term, we need better rules for shaping the content. At this juncture, I would like to draw attention – yet again – to an important issue in air transport, especially between Europe and the US. Safety provisions and security checks are important so that passengers have peace of mind when using this important mode of transport. However, security measures should not be misinterpreted as tokenism that causes nothing but inconvenience for passengers without actually increasing their safety. For that reason, for the umpteenth time, the rules on the carrying of liquids on board need to be changed!"@en1

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