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"Madam President, today’s debate on the future composition of the European Parliament has unfortunately not been a highlight in the history of European democracy. It is perhaps good that neither the Commission nor the Council have found the time to listen to it. We have had to listen to speakers who have put forward principles with a very great deal of pathos, principles which have still not brought us any further forward in practical terms and which therefore have nothing to offer apart from pathos. We have actually heard very many speakers who have focused on their own national interests. This has certainly been no way to success in the search for a European solution and as such, will probably not bring us any closer to a solution either. Thankfully we have also heard some who have been pragmatic and looked for comprehensible solutions and therefore in the proposal of both our rapporteurs – Alain Lamassoure und Adrian Severin – have found a suitable base. I believe we should express our sincere thanks to both rapporteurs for the work they have done in committee as well as in what follows next. This is something that Mediterranean courteousness would normally always demand, but in this specific case both rapporteurs have really earned these thanks. From someone who does not come from the Mediterranean, therefore, my sincere thanks to you. I hope and am also looking forward to us perhaps experiencing an historic moment for this Parliament tomorrow at the vote. That is, if we manage to get clear and definite majorities for the proposal by Messrs Lamassoure and Severin and are thus able to give another clear signal to the Council. The European Parliament has at any rate put forward a sensible base for the 2009 elections."@en1

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