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"Mr President, I have want to make a few comments and highlight just a few statistics. According to Eurostat, 45% of foreigners entering the European continent chose to remain in Spain. Between 21 September and the early morning of 24 September, 595 sub-Saharan nationals arrived on Spanish beaches. Since the beginning of the year, 11 000 immigrants have reached the Canary Islands alone, and 9 000 of these since implementation of the Hera mission on 23 April. Despite the Frontex, Hera, Hermes, Nautilus, Poseidon and Malta operations, figures show that mafias trafficking in human beings have the necessary means to dodge our control mechanisms and open up new sea routes. One example of this is the large number of immigrants reaching the coast of eastern Spain, or more than 4 000 immigrants from Sri Lanka and Pakistan waiting to be taken to Europe from the beaches of Guinea Conakry. Priority must therefore be given to the missions aimed at identifying and arresting members of the mafias, and stepping up police and international cooperation through the establishment of joint investigation teams. Frontex must keep its missions in crisis areas on a permanent basis. It is essential that the Council push the European Border Patrols Network forward to enhance monitoring and surveillance tasks. The EU as a whole must support and encourage cooperation agreements and information campaigns, not only on a linguistic and professional basis; the countries of origin and transit must also be made aware of the risks taken by immigrants and of their deaths. Finally, there must be coordination of immigration policies at European level in order to prevent permissive laws and regularisation processes that have a ‘call effect’. We must also encourage a generous and humanitarian asylum policy, and the necessary international protection. I am finishing up now, Mr President: one cannot talk to the Council about 20% solidarity. Frontex supplies 80% for charter ships, aircraft, fuel, everything except for material depreciation. Therefore, the Council must encourage 20% solidarity, and refrain from using double-speak in a policy that affects the entire European Union."@en1

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