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"This debate is extremely important as it provides us with the opportunity to examine the consistency and coherence of our policies against terrorism. Today we have enough analytical data to say that the success of these policies relies on the close relationship between several main elements. On the one hand, there are the measures on security and justice in the European Union, the correct ratio between these measures and the respect for fundamental human rights and on the other hand there is EU foreign policy and the fight against social exclusion, and the social causes of terrorism. In my opinion, action without prevention is not enough; domestic measures are not enough without consistent external dialogue. Their correct mix should be the basis of a European model for combating terrorism, that could ensure the security of EU citizens and their fundamentalrights respectively. We have to admit that there is a deficiency in the relationship between the European Parliament, its legislative power and the field of the fight against terrorism and this triggers a democratic deficiency. In order to play an efficient part in the decision-making process at European level, we need total involvement of the Parliament in the co-decision procedure. I would like to call on the Council to accelerate the procedure of electing a new EU anti-terrorism co-ordinator, with enhanced powers in relation to the strategies agreed."@en1

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