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"Madam President, we all share the same concern regarding European transport policy. We want to improve the efficiency of all modes of transport, and especially air transport, without at the same time increasing environmental pollution. If possible, we even want to improve the environmental balance of flying. We have had many ideas on the subject in Europe, such as emission trading. We hope to achieve our aims by, for example, possibly taxing aircraft fuel and suchlike. That may not be the wrong approach, but the way to achieve our aim is a different one. As in the case of road transport, we should seek more intelligent solutions. The idea of an open European sky and a Single European Sky is the right approach, although of course it needs to be implemented. SESAR is a step on the way but we must do more in this respect. Let me address a final point because we will be voting on the subject this week. Congestion is found not just in the sky, but on the ground too, especially in airports. Let us, therefore, get rid of the senseless, bureaucratic rules on carrying fluids at airports. That would save a lot of money and a lot more trouble."@en1

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