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"Mr President, as transport policy stands today, Europe is aiming at more transport software, i.e. more intelligent solutions to improve efficiency, but also to serve the interests of the environment and health protection. We will not go into the detailed reasons for this change, although surely it has much to do with the fact that we do not have the money for large new infrastructure projects – see, for instance, the rather modest funds allocated to the TENs and suchlike. Under these circumstances it is most important to ensure that new hardware is not let in through the back door on Austrian and European transport routes. I, like a number of others, am referring to the 60-tonners or gigaliners or whatever we call them. At any rate, they can certainly not be authorised in an infrastructure that is not appropriate for them; they might be a good solution on flat land where there is little traffic, but they would be totally misplaced in mountainous and densely built-up areas. Austria in particular is in no way equipped for superweight trucks. Over the past few months we have seen again and again what they mean in terms of bridge construction and the weight they can bear. We have no interest whatsoever in landing ourselves with new problems here. It is not in the interests of transport policy either, and especially not in the interest of health and environmental policy. If we cannot produce any extra European funds to pay for the external costs of the existing infrastructure, then we should leave things as they are or, in this concrete case, leave the gigaliners in northern Finland."@en1

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