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"Mr President, the closure of two of the three slipways at Gdańsk Shipyard proposed by the European Commission and the possibility of having to reimburse State aid is a great mistake. It fails to take account of several factors, including previous actions detrimental to the shipyard on the part of political wreckers and dishonest businessmen eager to get their hands on property and land in the city centre. The dishonest privatisation of the shipyard is currently the subject of legal proceedings. The Commission has no reliable knowledge about this. Restructuring of the shipyard has already been carried out, thousands of workers have been laid off, and seven of the ten slipways have been closed down. At present the shipyard is achieving positive financial results. The closure of two slipways would destroy that gain and that achievement. The enormous State aid that shipyards have received in the old Member States has bypassed the Gdańsk Shipyard. This does not create a level playing field for competition and also takes no account of the differences in the methods used to calculate the profitability of shipyards. This blow to the Gdańsk Shipyard also weakens the shipbuilding industry of the European Union as a whole. I would remind you that the EU’s share of international shipbuilding is three times smaller than that of South Korea alone, which subsidises its shipbuilding industry. This demonstrates the Commission’s lack of concern about the EU’s long-term economic interests. The Commission’s intentions are contrary to the objectives of the Lisbon Strategy. The Gdańsk shipworkers fought for solidarity, which does not involve the brutal elimination of competitors. Solidarity is not an empty slogan or compassion but responsibility and fairness and facing up to the truth. Is the European Union capable of such values today?"@en1

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