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"Mr President, the Commission's mid-term review rightly highlights a number of common transport policy successes, notably the constant improvements in incorporating transport policy priorities in other policy areas: the internal market for one, and environmental policy for another. I would like to thank Vice-President Barrot for specifically referring to the study on internalising external costs. We are eagerly awaiting the findings and recommendations for further action. The mid-term review must also recognise that many actions that were identified as necessary have either failed or are threatened with failure because of the lack of funding and unwillingness to provide funding on the part of the Union – or more specifically, the Member States. This indicates that new impetus is called for at half-time. We need more money. We need better systems. We need more, better and new technologies, and above all, we need better logistics. There are also new issues to address. It is vital that we involve the new Member States and the candidate counties in the older existing system of trans-European networks so that we can all grow together. With all the different facets of security considerations, there is still a lot of work to be done. On the subject of urban transport policy, boldness and sensitivity must be our watchwords. A methodical approach is needed: it is not necessary to enshrine every feasible and conceivable idea in European law straight away. It may be better to opt for less binding legislation, and more stimulus in the form of best practice and respect for subsidiarity. Transport as a whole is set to keep increasing, not decrease. Some have a vision of the future in which transport growth and economic growth will be completely separate. We do not want to fall flat on our faces, though: growth is not appropriate for all areas. Amendment 6 from our Scandinavian fellow MEPs should not be seen or used as a back door for the so-called EuroCombi HGVs. What may be good practice in Scandinavia is not suitable in the rest of Europe. My thanks to the Commission. I would also like to thank the rapporteur for this excellent report."@en1

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