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"Mr President, I have requested the floor in order to rebut some unacceptable personal remarks, but I have essentially requested the floor in order to thank my colleague, Mr Coelho, who has spoken not just as a friend, but also with knowledge of the facts. I will just make one comment demanding a correction and an apology from Mr Kohlíček. Mr Kohlíček, the only possible explanations for your extremely unfortunate comments tonight in this House are ignorance, bad faith or some immoral purpose. I am sure, Mr Kohlíček, that you have heard — I hope you have heard — of something called presumption of innocence. I am sure you have heard of the European Union’s Charter of Fundamental Rights and Article 48 thereof. I am sure you have heard of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948 and Article 11 thereof. I do not imagine that you are familiar – and there is no reason why you should be familiar – with Article 24 of the Spanish Constitution. But all free and democratic Constitutions contain their Article 48, Article 11 or Article 24. I therefore hope that, when you are in a position to understand what the presumption of innocence means, and, in particular, when you are in a position to properly understand a case about which, to judge from what you have said, you clearly know absolutely nothing, you will be capable of making a private and public apology, and I shall be willing to accept it. Yours was an unfortunate and unacceptable intervention with which to end the debate tonight, Mr Kohlíček."@en1
"(Applause from the right and from the centre)"1

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