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"Mr President, Commissioner, ladies and gentlemen, if we are to evaluate reports by Parliament on an area of freedom, security and justice, we must study developments in this sector over recent years in an objective manner. The European Union anti-terrorism coordinator is not subject to any institutional control, either by the European Parliament or by the national parliaments. No progress has been made on any question of democratic control. We had a serious obligation in the field of civil liberties and the confidentiality of personal data in the name of combating terrorists. I will mention just two points: the use of biometric data in all citizens' passports and the lifting of confidentiality on telephone and Internet calls. What we protected in the old days as nations and as states and kept as the apple of our eye, we now sacrifice and we almost look on anyone fighting to maintain freedoms and individual rights as aiding and abetting terrorism. The secret services of the United States and other states are acting without control outside their state, thereby infringing a serious of articles under international conventions of law. A typical example are the secret CIA flights. And yet all the European Union and everyone who voted in favour here in Parliament does is to ratify the incorporation into Community law of the PrĂ¼m convention, the last word when it comes to monitoring citizens in the European Union. Even more measures are being promoted which come within the security agenda of the European Union and which of course serve its strategic perceptions about its foreign policy, including increased arming of the military and participation in military operations. Instead of the European Union's taking a leading role at international level so as to study the causes of the waves of immigrants and put an end to the huge divide between rich and poor countries, we prefer to introduce rapid intervention forces with Frontex in order to 'rout' immigrants. Ladies and gentlemen, the policy you are following not only fails to resolve the problems which it seeks in theory to resolve; on the contrary, it exacerbates them. The single area of freedom, security and justice with the content you attribute to it is increasing the lack of freedom, insecurity and injustice. Only if the content is overturned will it be able to resolve the problems to any serious degree."@en1

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