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"Mr President, I would like to refer to your announcement that you intend to attend the German Expellees’ congress which is due to take place in Germany this August. Mr President, these associations, under the auspices of the Expellees Federation led by Erika Steinbach and Rudi Pavelka, are extremely revisionist in nature. They question the Potsdam agreements as well as the borders between Poland and Germany and the Czech Republic and Germany. The association is making territorial claims against Poland of which there are currently about 170 only in Warmia and Mazury. A number of the associations’ claims have been referred to the European Court of Human Rights, and other institutions. It is a great afront towards Poles and Czechs. A reputable institution such as the European Parliament and its President should not participate in rallies organised by revisionist organisations. In addition to this, you, Mr President, should avoid lending credence to these kinds of activities on the international stage through your personal involvement. As a Member of the European Parliament, I would like to ask you, Mr President, to decline the invitation to attend the rally organised by German revisionist associations."@en1

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