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"Mr President, it is now three years since the new Member States acceded to the European Union, but they are still being discriminated against in terms of budget appropriations for the fruit and vegetable sector. Amongst the many instances of such discrimination one stands out, namely the size of the payments allocated per hectare of land devoted to cultivation. In 2005, the old Member States received EUR 560 per hectare, whilst the new ones only received EUR 20 per hectare. The poorer countries therefore receive 28 times less support than the richer ones. Sadly, this is how solidarity and the opportunity to even out economic levels translate into practice. Discrimination against the new Member States in the fruit and vegetable sector also has a negative impact on consumers and agriculture across the entire Union. I therefore appeal for a vote in favour of the adoption of the amendment to Mrs Salinas García’s report tabled by the Union for Europe of the Nations Group. This amendment does at least partially reduce discrimination against the new Member States, and its rejection would be damaging to the common agricultural policy, and to the principles and aims of the latter. Rejection would also indicate that the old Member States are incapable of building a strong European agricultural sector."@en1

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