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"Mr President, we are taking a stand today in principle on an agreement concerning exchanges between the security services of the Member States of information of a strictly personal nature, on a Treaty which includes joint action by foreign and domestic special services on the territory of the Member States, on the pretext of maintaining public order. The Treaty also includes the provision for joint action by the police and special forces of two or more states at events of international importance – both political and sporting – where demonstrations and gatherings are planned. At the same time, a third Member State is entitled to hand over DNA profiles, fingerprints and other personal data on suspects. However, most dangerous of all is the legalisation of the presence of foreign agents and their action in a third Member State. Services are granted the right to enter and invade the territory of a contracting state in an emergency at any time, even in the absence of any local authority. I call on us all to be very careful in how we vote. We must not sacrifice our civil liberties in the name of combating terrorism."@en1

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