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"Mr President, we have received a great deal of advice in the constitutional debate over the past few months, some of it good, some well-meant and some that was not even well-meant. The weirdest of the proposals was surely the idea of removing the Charter of Fundamental Rights from the body of the Treaty and keeping it alive, at least technically, by means of a reference. At first sight, it might seem that this proposal was well-meant. It would certainly suit anyone who wants a simple, easily readable text. Having 65 fewer articles is perhaps quite important in view of the poor reading levels that the Pisa study identified in this Europe of ours. On closer inspection, however, the situation looks completely different. What is at stake when we speak of fundamental rights? It is about the protection of the individual from those who have power – no more and no less. That has been, and must remain, one of the most historically important missions of any community. This is precisely why the proposal to play down the Charter of Fundamental Rights, to make it small and as invisible as possible, is so disturbing. For years in Austria we have had a charity known as ‘Light into the Darkness’. It serves to help the weaker members of society, especially at Christmas time but not only then. We also need a ‘Light into Darkness’ campaign for the Charter of Fundamental Rights, and I am glad that very many speakers in today’s debate have stressed the need to stay on the ball with regard to the issue of the Charter of Fundamental Rights and to ensure that we have a Constitutional Treaty as a cornerstone of our future Community law."@en1
"Licht ins Dunkel"1

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