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"In 2004, the European Union undertook the biggest and most significant enlargement in its history. It is therefore important to carry out an initial assessment of this fact. The point is whether this assessment will be as truthful as possible, or distorted, as it is important for the future of agriculture in the EU. Whilst I acknowledge the enormous task faced by the rapporteur, I cannot agree with the wording of all the compromise amendments. You can not argue with figures. And these clearly show that the new Member States have been cheated. Official EU statistics reveal this fact. I would just like to quote the figures for expenditure on agricultural and rural development per hectare of arable land in 2007 and 2013. 2007: EU-10: 147.8 €/ha EU-15: 365.7 €/ha 2013: EU-10: 251.5 €/ha EU-15: 327.6 €/ha Source: and . The poorer countries, in order to bring their economic development levels in line with that of the wealthier EU states, have received, are receiving and will receive less financial support from the Community budget! The CAP, in its present form, contradicts its own aims and principles. In light of the above general assessment, I appeal to you to vote according to your consciences and your sense of responsibility for the future of European agriculture."@en1
"EC DG for Agriculture, October 2004."1
"‘Financial Perspective 2007-2013: EP Working Document No 9 EP of 2.12.2004’"1
"‘The CAP Explained’"1

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