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"Madam President, the situation in Kosovo, following on from and as a result of interventionist policies, is another problem that needs to be resolved within the framework of the United Nations. However, the Ahtisaari proposal, which is basically adopted in the report we are examining, goes against basic principles of international law, the UN Charter itself, and makes provision for the borders to be redrawn and the area's history to be distorted, at the expense of the Serbian community. Overall the Ahtisaari proposal promotes the creation of an independent state, to the degree that it can be independent with such a NATO military presence and the application of the European security policy. I fear that it will operate as a protectorate, rather than as an independent state. We are and shall continue to be in favour of the self-determination of nations, but not when it is used indiscriminately on the basis of double standards. We only need remember that, after the procedure of decolonialisation and before the break-up of Yugoslavia, the only recognition of secession by the international community – and it was for very specific reasons – was that of Bangladesh by Pakistan, and to warn that making Kosovo independent will open a Pandora's Box and will result in the strengthening of all forms of secessionist action."@en1

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