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"Mr President, after going through the bloodiest conflict in Europe since the Second World War, Bosnia and Herzegovina is now heading towards integration with Europe, which will require this multi-ethnic country to implement changes in many areas of political and social life, including reforming the constitution. Only after these changes are made will it be ready to meet the criteria needed for the implementation of a Stabilisation and Association Agreement, and eventually in the future to apply for membership of the European Union. In order to get that far, the political leaders of Bosnia and Herzegovina must carry out prompt and substantial administrative and economic reforms. For its part, the Council must call upon Bosnia and Herzegovina to immediately resolve any border disputes with the neighbouring states, and in particular to ratify an agreement on respect for land and river borders. Bosnia and Herzegovina must also put an end to the segregation of ethnic groups in its schools. These changes can only come about if the Council exerts decisive pressure to that end. Let us remember that the international community needs to speak with one voice on Bosnia and Herzegovina if it is to secure lasting peace in the Balkans."@en1

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