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"Madam President, ladies and gentlemen, over recent years, we have heard it said ever more frequently, by the people of Europe, and also by many European governments, that Europe is interfering in everything; this criticism is not entirely accidental, and it is, in a number of cases, justified. The example we have before us today shows, though, that there is a whole range of issues in which we need more of Europe and more of a Community approach in it, too. Looked at from that angle, then, we can do no other than welcome the conclusion of this prospective Open Sky agreement between Europe and the United States, which will replace a very large number of individual agreements and also serve as an example for many other agreements between the European Union and other parts of the world. Getting a good result out of the Americans is no easy thing to do, as you, Mr Vice-President, said, and you gave a number of examples. We are aware that it may, under certain circumstances, be even more difficult to reach agreement with the present Congress, but that must not be allowed to result in the USA unilaterally securing itself particular advantages out of its negotiating position. I might well turn that around and say that it would be a good thing if the Commission and the Council were to take greater account than they have to date of the desire of the European Parliament, as the representatives of the people, to add its voice here. One very practical argument in this context – something not directly the subject of the agreement, but having much to do with it – is that safety regulations in international air travel have hitherto been largely, and unilaterally, dictated by the Americans’ interests and actions, and this needs to be reviewed, and, if necessary, changed."@en1

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