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". The fight against terrorism is a priority that requires solidarity from all of the Member States and commitment from the democratic countries. Security is a genuine fundamental right that cannot be exercised at any expense, but in strict accordance with the law and respect for human rights. International terrorism threatens human rights and freedoms. The sinister distinction between murdering terrorists and political terrorists, between armed wings and political wings, only makes the whole thing even more criminal to the detriment of the law. To hold dialogue of any kind with terrorists is unfair, pointless and offensive to the victims. The Member States must pay particular attention to promoting intercultural relations and enhancing inter-religious dialogue amongst the members of civil society, with a view to improving co-existence, tolerance and mutual understanding. The Union must rationalise, coordinate and facilitate the actions of its instruments, Europol, Eurojust, Cepol and the Situation Centre, and others pursuing the same aims, in order to detect and prevent links between terrorism and other forms of crime. I would ask, Madam President, when drawing up prevention strategies, that the horrendous experiences of the victims be respected and taken into account in particular, as I say in my report. The victims must be acknowledged and protected. Terrorists begin to lose when the victims make the truth of their experiences known and society listens to them. With regard to prevention, Madam President, prevention cannot and must not be used as a missile amongst democratic countries and States. The last time prevention failed was on 30 December 2006 in Madrid. We do not criticise failures in prevention. We work hard to ensure that they never happen again. I shall draw to a close, Madam President. We will only be able to tackle terrorism with determination when all of the democratic countries, together, and the Union in the singular, have a clear view of the threat, and the threat is lethal, permanent and destined to remain with us."@en1

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