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"Mr President, the great European witch-hunt is over. The good name of countries such as Great Britain, Italy, Poland and the United States of America is being burned at the stake. The report on the alleged CIA secret detention centres is tendentious and unreliable. It is based on half-truths, assumptions and allegations. It presents far-reaching conclusions, most of which are unsupported by evidence. Even so, the report has pronounced judgment and besmirched the honour of several states, just because they became actively involved in the war on terror, in cooperation with the United States. The committee’s work has proved nothing. It has simply condemned those who gave priority to the security of our families and countries over any imagined harm to terrorists. We would do well to remember that terrorists do not recognise any rights, treaties or conventions. Paradoxically, today’s report gives the green light to terrorism. It demonstrates that, in the name of the new religion of human rights, Europe is prepared to provide greater protection for terrorists’ human rights than it affords its own citizens. The single reason for all this is the unhealthy anti-Americanism rampant in this House. As it stands, the report compromises us in the eyes of Europeans who are expecting us to provide for their security, and not to be lenient towards terrorist suspects. We have become hostages to European prejudices and lack of imagination. This report should be rejected. Terrorism represents a threat of global proportions that can only be checked through transatlantic cooperation. United we stand, as the Americans said after September 11."@en1

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