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"Mr President, MEPs are not subject to anybody’s orders. That is what the electoral rules say in our countries. But what is the situation like on the ground? We have in recent days been observing infringements of the independence of MEPs. Parliament has undergone a crisis regarding the election of the chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs. On the basis of earlier decisions by the CD coalition, this post was awarded to the Polish Member, Mr Saryusz-Wolski. Since then the Poles have been subjected to disgraceful pressure. The German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, telephoned the head of the party applying to chair this committee of the European Parliament and asked him to withdraw the nomination. The ex-chancellor, Helmut Kohl, telephoned a Polish politician for the same reason. Furthermore, former Austrian Chancellor Schüssel, together with the prime minister of Luxembourg, sent a special letter about this to the EPL fraction. All of this in an effort to ensure that the European Parliament’s foreign policy is conducted by the previous president, the German politician, Mr Brok. Is that what is called free and unfettered exercise of the duty of an MEP? I think not, Mr President. Interference in this matter by the highest authorities in Germany, Austria and Luxembourg is an infringement of the independence of this House, and makes a mockery of democracy. I ask that the independence of this House be protected in the future."@en1

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