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"Mr President, 25 years ago, on the night of 12 December, martial law was imposed in Poland. Tanks rolled onto the streets, the nation was deprived of its freedom, and innocent Poles were beaten and killed. All this was done by people in authority who were convinced that they knew better than the nation itself what the nation needed. They believed that maintaining an alliance with a foreign regime or rather, remaining subservient to it, took precedence over the will of the people. Essentially, what they were concerned about was hanging on to power and all the benefits deriving from it. These evil individuals were supported by foreigners pursuing their own imperialist ambitions at the expense of an enslaved nation. I trust the anniversary of this event will be an occasion for Europe to examine its conscience. Do we really believe that there are no self-styled sages amongst us who think they know what other nations need better than those nations themselves? Is it not the case that leaders still reach agreements detrimental to the good of their countries and that the desire for leadership and its associated benefits often takes priority over the good of the nations politicians are meant to serve? The life, freedom and dignity of every individual must be sacrosanct for us."@en1

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