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"Mr President, to say that selling the European Union is difficult is less a statement about its potential usefulness than a factual one about how to inform people about it. The things with which Europe has to concern itself are highly complex; our procedures are longwinded and laborious, and that makes it difficult to get its citizens to comprehend just what they get out of it. In part, though, we also have ourselves to blame for this sorry situation, with the Commission so desperate in its pursuit of objectivity that it finds it impossible to say a clear and firm ‘yes’ to the European Constitution, and the authorities of this Parliament of ours doing everything they can to shut visitors to Brussels and Strasbourg away in back rooms and basements. That is why what we need is new and better information without arguing about the legal basis. What we need is well-made and properly edited television reports on the work Europe does that is actually of benefit to people. What we do not need is glossy brochures that nobody reads and that everybody throws away."@en1

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