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"Mr President, 'Europe', 'peace', 'human rights', 'Palestine', 'Gaza': a vocabulary that we use which is rich in words. The reality is full of war, misery and pain and here we keep talking, passing resolutions, and repeating 'human rights' and 'peace'. All we do is to keep talking. How many crimes and how much death is needed for Europe to stop acting as Pontius Pilate? In Palestine, it is not just people that are dying; hope is also dying and yet I believe that human suffering is not something you get used to. The visit by the European Parliament has been postponed for technical reasons, or so they say. Someone needs to explain to us what the technical reasons were and who is responsible for them. Maybe certain parties did not want us to go? And if we do not react, we shall again be accomplices to the crimes being committed, not today, not yesterday but, to our knowledge, for decades. Words need to become deeds at long last. Within the frameworks of international law and without there being any intention to hurt the man in the street, sanctions need to be imposed on Israel. When, at long last, will the state of Israel be content to return the money it has kept to its rightful owners in Palestine who are dying of starvation? The Palestinians are not terrorists, nor are they begging for charity. They are a people fighting against third party interests for their dignity and survival. They are a people who, in the face of the hypocrisy of the international community, the occupation and terror, are fighting for their continuing existence."@en1

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