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". Mr President, I too should like to take my turn, having thanked and congratulated Mrs Sornosa Martínez on her work, to urge you to support the compromise amendments designed to remove mercury from measuring devices used by European consumers. The compromise amendments are the minimum and most realistic approach for protecting consumers and reflect the agreement between the European Parliament and the Council. As regards the proposed exemption from the directive for barometers, I call on you to reject it. Any such exemption jeopardises the final opportunity to limit mercury in measuring devices for which there are alternative solutions before the legislation is adopted for the REACH programme. This specific action is of paramount importance in order for the legislation on measuring devices containing mercury to be adopted as quickly as possible. At the same time, I should emphasise that, if the amendments on barometers – with the exception of those in the package of amendments – are accepted, the barometer industry will not achieve anything substantial other than, perhaps, gaining one or two years. It is almost certain that the Commission, either through REACH or through comitology, will revert to its initial position, which makes no provision for barometers to be exempted. Finally, I should like to emphasise that the package of compromise amendments follows our previous cohesive resolution on mercury for which Mr Marios Matsakis acted as rapporteur. Our aim must again be to protect the environment and public health and European consumers."@en1

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