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". Mr President, over the coming years, we will see more traffic on land, on water, and – above all – in the air as well, and more traffic means new problems, and more of them. The increase in quantity must be managed, the associated health and environment issues must be satisfactorily addressed, and all that will cost a lot of money. What we need to deal with the issues I have just mentioned is above all intelligent solutions, new technologies and better logistics, and it is on these things that we actually ought to be concentrating today. Unfortunately, though, we have not got that far yet. A number of things are already in the pipeline, though, and one that springs to mind is Galileo. At present, though, we are still concentrating on preparatory matters such as: how the administrative organisation should be structured, what we should do about Eurocontrol, how to involve the private business sector in our project, and much else besides. I would like to say a few things of an admonitory nature about public-private partnerships; it is right and proper that we should discuss these and focus on potential conflicts of interest, but we should be doing much more to get the business sector actually involved in our project. It has to be said, though, that previous experience with PPP models has scarcely ever been really successful. One exception I would point to – not least because we will be kicking off its successor in a few weeks’ time – is the Marco Polo programme, where we managed to come up with the right mix of incentives for the private sector and the public interest, and that is the sort of thing we should concentrate on this time – more so than we did before. Quite apart from all that, I want to say how very grateful I am to both rapporteurs for the work they have put in, and that I hope that we will, despite the question as to whether this House should exercise codecision or only be consulted on this issue, head for our goal with concentration and in unity. Perhaps we will manage to tighten up the timetables a bit. That would have a very, very beneficial effect."@en1

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