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"Madam President, ladies and gentlemen, as well as for the control of the Commission’s budget, this House is responsible for monitoring the budgets of what are termed the ‘other’ institutions, and if they are to be given a positive discharge, it must be clear that they have used European taxpayers’ money properly. It is at this point that we have a number of things to discuss. If we take our monitoring role seriously, we also have to audit those items of expenditure that we formerly disregarded, for example, the Council’s common foreign and security policy – and I regret that the Council is not present today to hear me say this, for it is in close cooperation with the Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, Mr Brok, that I am, quite deliberately, making reference to this policy area today and making a demand for transparent cooperation on the part of the Council. There will be several issues in relation to the Committee of the Regions in which closer examination will be required; the ones I would give as examples are the failure to implement the internal auditor’s recommendations and the questionable use of the weighting, not to mention the wholly inadequate consideration of this topic by the committee itself. The buildings policies of the Committee of the Regions, the European Economic and Social Committee and of the Court of Justice raise issues that also have to be addressed, and there are many other matters to be sorted out. OLAF, our anti-fraud office, has also exercised an effective monitoring role with respect to the institutions over recent years, and I wonder why it is that neither the Ombudsman nor the Data Protection Supervisor have as yet concluded an agreement with it. These bodies, too, will have to answer that question. I call on all the interested parties to answer the questions in a transparent manner, to play their part in enabling this House to get an all-round picture and to work together in devising ways of improving things. Only if this is done will we be able to give discharge for 2005."@en1

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