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"Mr President, we are currently witnessing mass migration which has a variety of causes. There is economic migration, where the aim is to earn more and improve one’s standard of living. That is the most common type of migration. Then there is migration to reunify a family or to escape from persecution in the country of origin. Technological development has meant that it is becoming ever easier and cheaper to travel in today’s world, so the problem of immigration can only increase. It is therefore incumbent on us to take appropriate measures to deal with the growing number of new arrivals, particularly in Europe. The sensible long-term solution would be to avoid discriminating against foreigners, especially against women who are in the majority. Too many immigrants are being consigned to the margins of society at present. The Member States should create better conditions for immigrants to integrate into our societies, whilst still retaining a pride in their origins. This would allow us to pre-empt the problem of alienating immigrants, which leads to frustration and sometimes to violent disturbances, and very often results in a life of poverty."@en1

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