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"Mr President, the Spanish Government's mistaken policy is flooding the Union with people without documents. Spain is now a country of destination and a country of transit. There must be no more mass regularisations. We must be able to say how many people, and who, can live in dignity amongst us. What can we do? There are national solutions and there are Community solutions. At Community level, we must move towards the objective of a common immigration policy. To this end, it is crucial to take advantage of the opportunities provided for in the EC Treaty and, specifically, in paragraph 2 of Article 67, and apply the codecision procedure to illegal immigration. We shall have to implement policies such as the following: greater cooperation amongst the Member States, equal rights and obligations for all immigrants, partnership and cooperation agreements with conditions, bilateral agreements between the Union and countries of origin, including obligatory repatriation clauses. No, I repeat, no, to national mass regularisation processes, yes to constant improvements in resources and strengthening of the capacities of FRONTEX, to the coordination of controls at maritime borders, to the creation of joint border control patrols and teams, to protecting the Union's external borders and to external European Union action. Solana and Ferrero to Africa and the Mediterranean! All of this must be accompanied by the humanitarian treatment that illegal immigration demands and that we support unreservedly. Assistance, humanitarian care and return. Nobody should remain in European territory outside of the law. I would like to make one protest in order not to break with my tradition. This is a good debate, but it is a that takes us nowhere. Hence my protest. We are talking here about immigration, about terrorism, about passerelle clauses and about organised crime. We must learn a lesson from this and hold debates on single subjects."@en1
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