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"Mr President, Europe has a long history of relations with Turkey. Unfortunately, this history consists almost entirely of painful events and acts of injustice. It is a history of constant invasions, wars, massacres and the occupation of central and southern Europe. These were the events experienced by Europeans for centuries. Today, little has changed and Turkey continues to threaten its neighbours. Turkey is still enforcing an illegal embargo on Armenia and threatening Greece, questioning Greece's right to define the limits of its own territorial waters. It is still discriminating against the Kurds and refuses to acknowledge the full independence of Cyprus, which is a Member State of the European Union. This situation is preposterous. Turkey poses a threat to stability in this region and we, seemingly blind to this fact, are engaged in negotiations with that country with a view to it achieving membership of the European Union. Turkey also fails to respect values that we view as inalienable. It violates and infringes human rights and freedoms and restricts access to them. It persecutes political opposition groups, including the family of Leyla Zana, who was awarded the Sakharov Prize by the European Parliament. Turkey also restricts religious freedom, and this led to the killing of an Italian missionary. This is the whole truth about Turkey. I do not agree that Turkey can play the role of a bridge between Europe and the Muslim world. On the contrary, I think that Turkey could become a gateway for terrorism. Turkey is part of a world that is alien to us in terms of its culture and traditions. We have to acknowledge this fact and ask ourselves: Europe? Should the Union be European or Eurasian? Accepting Turkey into the European Union will set a dangerous precedent that will spell the end of Europe as we know it today. Accession negotiations with Turkey should cease as soon as possible."@en1
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