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"Mr President, I feel bound to raise an issue that ought not to be a concern for the European Union in the 21st century. I refer to the worrying surge of neo-Nazism and fascism in Germany. This represents a threat to Poland and the Czech Republic. Future relationships within the European Community are also under threat. The results of elections in the German states of Mecklenburg and Western Pomerania were declared a few days ago. The German National Democratic Party gained over 7% of the vote. This means that the NDP will be represented in yet another state. Members of this group have expressed alarming views. They dispute the Polish-German border, and call for the creation of a IVth Reich. They consider Hitler to have been a prodigy, and Hess a pure idealist. They deny the Holocaust and spread Nazi-inspired prejudices about foreigners. How can it be possible for parties of this ilk to operate legally in Member States of the Union like Germany, spreading hatred, xenophobia, racism and anti-Semitism? Last year the NPD received a subsidy of more than EUR 1 million from the state coffers. That is scandalous. The Union must introduce a clear ban on the activities of such groupings. I appeal to Members of this House to move a joint resolution condemning the German political system in which there is still scope for neo-Nazism."@en1

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