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"Mr President, I am appalled at what has happened in this House today. Clearly, for some Members, the interests of international communism take precedence over European values! Mr President, it is a good thing that the European Parliament is debating the issue of EU – China relations. China is the second largest world power in the world and is neither a democracy nor has a market economy. By 2010, China wants to create the world’s most powerful economic block, together with the ASEAN countries. Even today, China is its largest factory. Since enlargement, the EU has become China’s largest trading partner, which is why relations with China are so important to us. We should, however, remember that a purely economic approach to our relations will not reveal to us the true face of the Chinese dragon. Politically, China continues to be a threat to the world. Utopian socialism continues to flourish there. There are political prisoners in its jails, there is no freedom of speech and there is censorship. The communist party continues to be the only true path. Torture is widely used in China, as is religious discrimination. On the other hand, China is the world’s third largest importer of crude oil. Economic interests have brought China closer to countries with problems such as Iran, Sudan or Venezuela. Competition for raw materials will put increased pressure on our relations with China in the future. China’s energy policy has led the country to make bilateral agreements that undermine all efforts to stabilise the price of oil. The increase in China’s military spending, particularly in the light of its provocative announcements of the possibility of using armed force against Taiwan, also provides grounds for concern. China regularly stages military manoeuvres that simulate an attack on Taiwan. The EU must take a decisive stance on this. Only a fully independent Taiwan is a guarantee of peace in the Far East. I repeat: only a fully independent Taiwan is a guarantee of peace in the Far East. The Belder report, which we are now debating, provides an objective view of EU-China relations. Let us hope that it will be the start of a more critical approach by the EU to the issue of China in the world."@en1
"Bogusław Rogalski (IND/DEM )."1

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