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"Mr President, what I want to say to Commissioner Mandelson and his staff is: many congratulations on the success of the negotiations over the past few weeks! It has proved possible, once and for all, to pass the buck to the United States; the European Union has at last managed to escape from its assigned role of stonewaller, and it is plain for all to see that the time has come for the others to make their moves. Another good thing is that the parties to the negotiations took their leave of each other at the weekend in an atmosphere of calm, rather than, as they did after Hong Kong, laying into each other at the tops of their voices, and that gives cause for hope in the coming weeks. One ought not realistically to be able to expect a result by June or a line to be drawn under it by then. A number of things, though, will be important over the weeks to come. For a start, our economy needs markets to be really open, particularly in the emerging economies. Secondly, there must be no unilateral concessions where agriculture is concerned. Thirdly, not even in the next few weeks must there be any premature political deals. Fourthly, a bad result would be even worse than none at all, for it would be a disaster for our national economies if we were to offer across—the-board reductions in customs duties and subsidies in the agricultural sector or in NAMA without getting in return real improvements in market access for industrial products. Fifthly, it is absolutely vital that the European representatives to the G8 summit should raise the subject of the Doha round and put it at the top of the agenda there. It is vital to all the interested parties that this round should not fail, but should instead be able to yield gains in prosperity for all WTO members on the basis of clear and unambiguous results. With this in mind, I wish all the EU negotiators all the best for the coming weeks, in the shape of tenacity, luck and success."@en1

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