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"Mr President, Mr Frattini, I congratulate you, but only you. Let us look at some of the aspects identified. The European Union detects the problem and expresses alarm at every visible critical situation: Lampedusa, Ceuta, Melilla, Malta or the Canary Islands. Nevertheless, it does not establish the common policies necessary to prevent or properly manage migratory flows, either legal ones or, less still, illegal ones. The countries of the South add drama to the pressure on, and the violation of, the Union's borders. So many people are dying that it is not possible to give an accurate figure. I have said a thousand times that there are five essential inter-related aspects to this great issue: legal immigration, illegal immigration, asylum, integration and subsidiary protection. We must include the remote causes and the causes close to home here: origin and transit, structural poverty and irresponsible encouragements to come here, which translate into the languages of all poor countries as the dangerous phrase ‘sooner or later there will be papers for everybody’. Meanwhile, what part do we play in this display of incompetence and incapacity? I will give you two examples; I will tell you what is going to happen this weekend. Tomorrow and the next day in Brussels the Council will say at technical level that it has begun to discuss the distribution by country of the three new integration funds: border control, repatriation of illegal immigrants and integration. What happens, however? In the mean time, Spain, Greece and the Netherlands squabble about distribution criteria: migratory pressure, kilometres of borders or the number of entries by air. Pointless discussions: we are not talking about proper funds, we are talking about mini-funds. This morning Mr Millán Mon said that, in the financial perspective, of every one hundred euros just fifty cents are allocated to immigration issues. That is the real shame. That is the real truth. Another negative example, Mr President, is that, also the day after tomorrow, the Council – of which I am highly critical – will respond by means of a global approach to immigration. That is all the Council will propose: a global approach. Finally, Mr Frattini, it is very important to commit ourselves to the countries of origin and countries of transit. It is very important that Mr Solana go to those countries of origin and countries of transit. FRONTEX is not the solution. FRONTEX is a new-born baby. FRONTEX will achieve nothing without the Carabinieri or the Civil Guard. We must not therefore be complacent in any way and we must make every possible joint effort to tackle this extremely serious problem."@en1

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