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"Mr President, Mr Frattini, Minister Lehtomäki, ladies and gentlemen, I think that we should be very worried about the red tape that binds together many of the arguments and debates that we have in this Chamber. We could make the same comment on the subject that we are analysing now, as we did a short time ago in the debate on the CIA flights, that is that the Union is an area that is bound by the rules and principles of the rule of law and that, therefore, personal data, all personal data, including our current account data, must not be given to third countries, except in the cases provided for under national laws and now under European directives; there are no exceptions, not even in the name of the fight against terrorism. Anything that goes beyond this constitutes an arbitrary act and an abuse of the system. I and other Members would like to know what role the Council and the European Central Bank played and how aware they were of the secret agreements made by SWIFT and the United States administration, since the duty of transparency should not apply solely to our dialogue and debates in Parliament, it also has to exist outside this House. Mr President, I concur with my colleagues in asking the Council to examine and adopt a framework decision on data protection as quickly as possible, because when there is a legal vacuum abuses and arbitrary acts can gain a foothold."@en1

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