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"Mr President, Michael Ende did not give his ‘Never-Ending Story’ a proper ending, and we, in this House, have done markedly better. Now that Mrs Sommer has produced her report, we have almost given the EU-OPS regulation one. Mr Simpson and Mr Stockmann have done a very good job, for which both of them deserve thanks. The labour law, social security and, above all, safety regulations applicable to air transport need to be properly brought up to date, but Mr Gewalt has already, and rightly, pointed out that the role of the European legislator in all these areas is a limited one. All this has taken a while, but we now have before us a good report, and one that – as many Members have confirmed – represents the best possible compromise between the airlines and the trade unions. The amendment makes full provision for the flying times, working times and rest periods of the cockpit and cabin crew and limits their maximum time on duty in the air to 13 and 11 hours respectively. It is now up to the interested parties in the industry – the companies and the trade unions – to do the best they can with these requirements, and it is for the Commission to do more work in this area and to guarantee, by means of appropriate safety regulations, that the people currently setting off on holiday can feel safe when it is by air that they do so."@en1

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