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"Mr President, on behalf of the Confederal Group of the European United Left/Nordic Green Left, I wish to express our disappointment and displeasure about the lack of progress in developing and monitoring the sustainable development strategy. We agree that the sustainable development strategy must include three core, interconnected objectives which have not only environmental, but also social and economic repercussions. And yet the Council and the Commission appear once again to be more concerned, as far as sustainable development is concerned, with promoting the objectives of the Lisbon Strategy, despite its environmental and social repercussions. Unfortunately, the Lisbon Strategy relates mainly but not solely to economic competitiveness and the creation of prosperous jobs, with environmental objectives coming a very poor second, while the sustainable development strategy needs to promote environmental and social objectives, rather than economic sustainability. I should like to point out, given that a large percentage of the European population suffers from serious economic and social problems, such as poverty, unemployment and social exclusion, and the fact that the most deprived social groups often suffer the worst social and environmental conditions, including poor housing and health, that the framework for Commission action to review the sustainable development strategy is extremely reticent and weak. The objectives being formulated by the Commission are extremely general in nature and therefore difficult to assess. For example, the Commission has introduced the European year for fighting poverty and social exclusion, an initiative that we welcome, but has failed to formulate more specific initiatives and effective, enforceable measures which will allow real progress to be made."@en1

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