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"Mr President, I wish first to thank all my honourable friends for their opinions and then to make two comments on what I have heard. Commissioner, I am sorry about the position of certain Member States who are reacting to the creation of a stockpile of anti-viral drugs. It would appear that they are forgetting the basic principle that prevention of disease is better than cure. I would repeat here what I said in the Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety when we met, namely that the Member States should bear in mind that, if a pandemic breaks out, their entire budget will not be enough. That is why it is better that we prevent than that we cure. My second comment concerns the position taken by Mr Matsakis, who has the inalienable right to vote against the report, but who does not have the right to mislead the European Parliament by saying that the possible pandemic is a myth, given that all the scientific bodies and all the specialist scientists around the world are sounding the alarm bell and talking about millions of dead. The examples of the influenza in Spain and elsewhere, where we had millions of dead, are not far back. That is why what I would like to say to Mr Matsakis is that he has the right not to vote for the report, but he does not have the right to mislead the European Parliament."@en1

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