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"Mr President, today the leader of the Socialist Group in the European Parliament, Mr Schulz, insolently and arrogantly attacked members of the Polish Government and their right to take decisions that reflect the will of the majority of the Polish people. Mr Schulz’s lack of respect for democracy does not surprise me, as his political champions have been Karl Marx and Rosa Luxembourg. Mr Schulz, the most bloodthirsty form of totalitarianism emerged not in Poland, but in your country, where today neo-fascist organisations are growing in strength and taking to the streets. I would therefore ask you to deal with these demonstrations, which pose a real threat to Europe, rather than condemning the Polish Prime Minister for merely upholding the will of the majority of Poles who support family values and who do not support hedonistic, pornographic parades by gay activists. Poland has one of the lowest birth rates in Europe, and I do not believe that promoting homosexual relationships would help us. Unless, of course, you know of some way in which they can breed of which we are not aware. German domination of Europe is fortunately a thing of the past, so please, Mr Schulz, remember this once and for all, and keep your German aspirations well clear of Poland’s internal affairs."@en1

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