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"Mr President, can the Union be competitive when it creates regulations that weaken it? These kinds of regulations are created in almost all fields. They make it impossible for the new Member States to catch up with the richer Member States. Instead of creating a strong European Union in line with the Treaties, decisions are being made that cement its division into two parts; more to the rich and less to the poor. I would like to ask you to look carefully at the figures in the budgets following the last enlargement and see how hugely disproportionate they are and how they discriminate against the new Member States. This lack of proportion runs counter to common sense and also harms the interests of the old Member States of the Union, as is mentioned in the most recent report of the Centre for European Reform. It indicates that the old Member States would benefit more if the new Member States received more support. This would stimulate the economy and the market, and a larger market produces greater benefits. A narrow understanding of the interests of the old Union threatens the cohesion of the whole European Union. We will not achieve a better future for Europe if this policy continues."@en1

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