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"Mr President, I congratulate Mr Mulder on his report, primarily because within this 2004 discharge he continues the momentum that we created in the 2003 discharge about national declarations. The wording within those paragraphs is very significant, especially in paragraph 26, which mentions encouraging national parliaments to be involved in monitoring European Union funds. I would hope that the Committee on Budgetary Control will pursue that and encourage our colleagues in national parliaments to have a real dialogue with us on this. I say that because of what the Council’s attitude has always been towards this. We have also to congratulate our colleagues on the trialogue who got the agreement within the interinstitutional agreement on the declarations – although they do not use that particular word. However, I am informed – and perhaps Mr Kallas could confirm this – that five Member States have said that they will not comply with what has been agreed in the interinstitutional agreement. Among those Member States I am told that Spain, Belgium, Germany, France and perhaps Italy have said that whatever it says in the IIA about giving annual statements, they will not be doing it. It would help if we could have some clarification from the Commissioner on that."@en1

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