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"Mr President, transparency engenders trust. All representatives and members of the European institutions are completely dependent on the trust of the citizens. In this respect, Europe is much better than its reputation suggests, but in most cases it really is not difficult to create even greater transparency, as I can show using some examples from the 'other institutions'. Using the example of the European Court of Justice, when will the judges of the Court of Justice finally publish their financial interests? When will the Court's internal auditor finally complete at least some of the tasks listed in his programme of work and make them available to us? When will the ECJ finally fully implement the internal control standards? Then there is the example of the Court of Auditors: when will the members of the Court of Auditors publish their financial interests and thus create the necessary transparency? The same goes for the Committee of the Regions: why are so few checks and inspections carried out there? Why was the position of internal auditor only inadequately filled for such a long time? Why was the Committee of the Regions unable to complete its annual progress report before the Court of Auditors' audit? There were some particularly controversial discussions regarding the Committee of the Regions during the consultations in committee. As the rapporteur for the discharge for 'other institutions' for 2005, I tell you right now that I will be taking a particularly close look at this. On the subject of the 'Strasbourg lease scandal', I will just say a brief word: I greatly welcome the fact that the majority of Members, at least, have been able to separate this case from the more general discussion regarding the seat of Parliament."@en1

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