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". I voted against the compromise reached on the Bolkestein Directive. I voted ‘No’ for completely different reasons to those of Members from the left of this Chamber, as theirs was an ideological ‘No’ vote, which was ultimately a ‘No’ to Europe. Commissioner Prodi’s proposal was not the product of Dr Strangelove, but of the Treaty and the guidelines that emerged from the Lisbon European Council. What has been left intact? Free movement does not apply to services of general interest, so they are excluded for a start. The same goes for financial services, which is a pity. Legal services are not in there; medical and health care services are not in there, nor are audiovisual services, for pity’s sake; taxation services are not even mentioned, nor are professional services – solicitors, lawyers and other professionals ought to take offence; and ‘national’ roulette balls must even be used when gambling. Lastly, transport services have also been excluded, although free movement for undertakers has been retained, which is perhaps symbolic. As for the much-reviled country-of-origin clause, the text excludes both its principle and its innovative strength, which in fact applies to so many other economic sectors. Corporative interests, the fears of Polish plumbers and the hypocrisy of those who say that, anyway, there is still the illegal work being done by immigrants have all triumphed today, but Europe has lost."@en1

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