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". This report is very timely, coinciding as it does with the first ever action plan on animal protection. Again the EU is taking a lead in improving animal welfare standards. The proposal addresses public concern that the current welfare standards for chickens kept for meat are too low. The result is that broiler chickens suffer from leg disorders and lameness, enlargement of the heart, sudden death syndrome and ammonia burns. The report calls for reduction in stocking density, minimum depth of litter, improved ventilation and a nesting period of at least six hours of uninterrupted darkness. It also looks at the cruelty of beak trimming and only allows it when other measures to prevent cannibalism are exhausted. I welcome the report, even if some of the above proposals fell. I wanted it to go further but what is here is good for chickens and consumers. Healthier birds produce a better quality product. We are not exporting poor animal welfare provisions, rather raising standards for both poultry and people."@en1

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