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"Mr President, many European newspapers recently printed cartoons of the prophet Mohammed, thus mocking Islam. Its outraged followers retaliated by burning flags and attacking the embassies of European countries. In addition, an Italian priest was murdered in Trabzon in Turkey. This escalation of hatred and violence was triggered and fuelled by the liberal left-wing media who have long been attacking religions of all kinds. In the name of a false notion of freedom, we are witnessing the desecration of faith and God, beliefs sacred to millions of individuals. The media are trumpeting religious intolerance, moral nihilism and anti-culture before our very eyes. One person’s freedom ends where another’s begins. Freedom of expression in the media must not amount to infringement of the rights and freedoms of other people. Freedom does not insult, it does not despise anyone, it does not mock, it does not demean and it does not make fun of what is holy. Freedom equals respect for the dignity, convictions and lives of other people. We ought to bear this in mind as we stand up to the increasing deterioration of Europe’s culture. Allow me to appeal for a return to the core values of Western civilisation, in which there is no room for the religious hatred that is currently rampant in the European media."@en1

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