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"Mr President, we have already today heard a great deal about the essential objectives of these two pieces of legislation, which we will shortly be voting on: more safety on Europe’s main traffic arteries, observance of rules on working and rest periods – with the consequent improvement in protection for drivers and in their social rights – and fairer competition across the board. We will, in essence, be giving tangible form, in Community law, to the objectives of both these legal documents. Over the coming years, then, our main concern will have to be with compliance with these new standards and we will, in particular, have to concentrate on how that compliance is monitored. Although that will be a matter primarily for the Member States and their administrative structures to deal with, the Commission would be well advised to lead back to the path of virtue those offenders in certain Member States – and there will certainly be some – who neglect to do so. The directive also envisages the regulation having another purpose, one that has not yet been really addressed today, but one that we should consider nonetheless, and that is that the new rules should be simplified. I am not sure whether our great gamble in this has paid off; I am already hearing the same old weeping and wailing about what a bureaucratic monster Europe is, and I know that we may well, where the future benefits of this legislation are concerned, be obliged to say nothing or far too little on the subject. It follows, then, that we must ensure that the haulage firms and the drivers who work for them do not see the rules and the monitoring of them as some sort of bureaucratic harassment, and that we must, rather than allowing people to talk only about the evils of Europe, always turn the conversation round to the added value that will accrue to it through improved road safety."@en1

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