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". We very much welcome the reform of the sugar regime, but there are many parts of this report drawn up for Parliament by its Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development for which I will not be voting. The sugar regime had been in need of reform for at least 15 years when the Court of Auditors carried out an extensive study on the sugar regime (Special Report 4/91) and concluded that the system suffered from oversupply and inefficient production patterns and that it was not budget neutral. I cannot accept the call for the 'introduction of modifications'. We need radical overhaul, not just modifications. I cannot vote for lesser price cuts, increased compensation, and less quota cuts than proposed by the Commission. I will not vote for structural or social cohesion policy instruments to be used to cushion sugar farmers. Large amounts of CAP funds are already available for EU farmers. I agree that we need to control imports from Lesser Developed countries (LDCs) and guard against triangular trade, but we are talking tiny amounts here: 125 000 tonnes from LDCs. EU sugar production is around 17.4 million tonnes. Why are we focusing so much on LDC imports here? Market imbalance is not going to come from LDC imports."@en1

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