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"Mr President, I should like to alert the House to violations of human rights by German officials and courts. The problem relates to Poles who were previously married to German spouses but are now divorced, and who are treated as no better than paedophiles. The courts invariably award custody of any children to the German parent, and take it for granted that the German language and culture are superior to their Polish equivalents. ‘Early Germanisation’ and ‘children of German descent’ were phrases used in Nuremberg by criminals charged with the Germanisation of Polish children. Similar phrases are used today by officials working for the the German Child and Youth Welfare Office, to justify German-imposed bans on meetings between Poles and their children. Even if such meetings do take place, speaking Polish is strictly prohibited, and it is instilled in the children that everything associated with the Polish language is inferior. The claims that the Polish language has a negative influence on the children’s education, but such assumptions are racist. Poland has already experienced a German education system claiming to be superior to all others at earlier stages of its history. Is this what passes for respect of human rights in Germany? Such practices violate one of the European Union’s basic principles, namely the promotion of the linguistic and cultural diversity of its citizens."@en1

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