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". Madam President, Mr President-in-Office of the Council, Mr Vice-President of the Commission, I have here the draft voting list for the Wortmann-Kool report on the charging of heavy goods vehicles. The draft is extremely simple, and I hope that it remains so. We can say ‘yes’ to the compromise negotiated by the rapporteur during the informal trialogue. Doing so will enable us to conclude one of the very difficult European transport dossiers this year, at second reading, whilst striking a balance between Europe’s requirements as a business location – with free movement of goods in the internal market of 25 and more – and an infrastructure costs directive that also takes very much better account than previously of environmental concerns and the health of the people having to live along European transport routes. If we say ‘no’ we shall see a different situation; there would then be a great risk of our dismissing the legislative mandate as a failure and returning to national level. My group, the Group of the European People’s Party (Christian Democrats) and European Democrats, and, I hope, most of the other political groupings in this House will support the rapporteur’s proposals, both because they are good and in recognition of the rapporteur’s work. With this dossier, she has shown that even Sisyphean tasks can be completed successfully. I am much obliged to Mrs Wortmann-Kool. I am also much obliged to Commission Vice-President Barrot. He and his staff have brought great expertise and even greater commitment to bear to promote and facilitate this compromise. I am also much obliged to the British Presidency. I cannot imagine that it has received much praise over the last six months, but here it is deserved. In conclusion, I should like to say a few words as an Austrian. Fifteen years ago, we set ourselves the objective of reshaping European transport policy to include regard for environmental and health concerns. At that time, we received pitying smiles. Now, the day has come."@en1
"Merci, Jacques! Vous êtes vraiment un homme des montagnes!"1

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