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"Mr President, I only wish to respond to Mr Barón by saying the following: before this afternoon, I had respect for Mr Barón, a lot of respect; having heard him, and having seen the great effort he has made to destroy that respect, he has succeeded: I no longer have any respect for him. Another issue: for the sake of parliamentary courtesy, Mr President, I will not say that what Mr Barón has said about me makes him unworthy and indecent; I will say that he has used indecent and unworthy language, not that he is. Finally, Mr President, in my country Mr Barón once said: ‘I am a State asset’. He has proven that he is not in fact a State asset: he is an asset of various States. When he speaks and behaves like that, that is what Mr Barón is. Finally, I am proud to have dedicated part of my life to the security of all Spaniards. Many sleepless nights. Mr President, what a shame; what a shame that when people have no arguments they have to resort to insults; what a shame that when people have no arguments or ideas they have to use that kind of language. Mr Barón has proven that, when it comes to this and other issues, he has no idea what he is talking about."@en1

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